Statement from the domain owner (Mr. Steven Print):

Some time ago I was asked by my wife (Geraldine Cove-Print), to build a website for the Irish Setter Breeders Club Rescue, at that time the existing website was being run by someone else and the ISBC was looking for a new web designer to build them a new website. My wife at this time was secretary of the ISBC Rescue. Later the ISBC rescue was handed over for the Irish Red Setter Rescue Charitable Trust (IRSRCT) to administer. The rescue was rebranded as "Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome".

I purchased several domains "", which I let to Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome to host their new website, which I designed and created for them.

Later, relations between the committee of the IRSRCT and committee of Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome became strained. For reasons we will never know, the committee of IRSRCT eventually decided to dismissed the Secretary and Treasurer of Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome, and causing the other committee members to resign. I had until this point only ever dealt with the committee of Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome and was now left is a odd position of running a website for an organisation run by people that I had never dealt with before. I also became aware at this time of a new ISRANDR website that had appeared at the domain ISRANDR.NET, which appeared to be a direct copy of my website at this domain.

It soon became apparent that the committee of the IRSRCT had also decided to replace me as there web designer, although they hadn't actually informed me (and to be honest, I've never been informed that my services are no longer required) I wasn't too happy, as you can imagine, but accepted the situation and therefore sent the IRSRCT a final invoice for my services (which remains unpaid to this day) and took down the website at this domain.

My wife now started a new rescue called "Independent Setter Rescue And Rehome" and for a brief period I allowed her to use this domain to host her new website, as the acronym still fitted.

I've since been contacted several times by the secretary of IRSRCT and threatened to surrender this domain to them, without any payment, or good reason.

I would like to make the following points very clear:

1) I purchased this domain name myself, and am currently the legal owner.

2) I have never had any agreement or contract (either written or verbal) with any member of the IRSRCT or their representatives, and this has been confirmed by them in writing, when they refused to pay my invoice.

3) I have only ever been paid for my services by ex-members of Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome.

4) This domain is my legal property as I purchased it with my own money, obviously IRSRCT has other ideas.

5) I have only ever rented this domain name to the Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome, or Independent Setter Rescue and Rehome, and I have never agreed to purchase a domain on behalf of another party.

6) I have never charged ANYONE for my services other than to recover the costs to me of hosting said websites, IE I have made no profit in anyway from my actions.

7) As previously stated I have been threatened with legal action if I don't surrender this domain name to the IRSRCT, I can not (as a private citizen) afford a legal battle with a large organisation, and therefore in all likelihood I will be forced to give up this domain.

8) I have never been a member of any of the organisations mentioned above.

For anyone interested the new domain name for Independent Setter Recue & Rehome (Indie Rescue & Rehome) is   

I have posted this statement, in desperation, in an attempt to inform people of the character of those people running the IRSRCT and Irish Setter Rescue And Rehome. They are quite prepared to bully a private individual (who has never had any relationship with them) into surrendering his legally owned property. People like this should not, in my opinion, be allowed to run a charity.